Research and analysis
- Data collection
- Baseline surveys
- Analysis and reporting
- Literature reviews, systematic reviews
- Rapid assessments and appraisals
- Household surveys
- Evaluations
- Enumerator training
- Focal group interviews
- Community meeting facilitation
- Biodiversity studies, land use studies

Technical expertise
Appropriate technologies:
- Rainwater harvesting from rooftops
- Small-scale drip irrigation for kitchen gardens
- Trees for drylands
- Improved stoves (several models tested)
- Solar cooking (cookit)
- Environmental education
- Education (Teacher's pedagogic qualification)

- GIS (Geographical Information System) mapping
- GPS mapping
- Thematic maps

Development project planning
- Participatory project planning
- Situation analysis
- Project proposal writing, budgeting

NGO administration and project cycle management from planning to reporting

Training, capacity building through joint learning

English classes
- Tailored lessons from basic to conversation level
- Professional English
- TESOL certificate (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages)
- Teachers pedagogic qualification (adult learning)

Yoga classes
- Hatha yoga classes not tied to any ideological background or worldview
- RYT200 (Mysore, India)
- Member of Yoga Alliance
- Yoga in Karisjärvi, Lohja, Finland for helping schools in Tanzania